Wednesday, 11 December 2013

About me

My name is Alden Oh Jun Xin and i would like to be addressed as Alden.I like to cycle.I also like to trek in Butik Timah Hills.I love to play computer and listen to songs as well.I enjoy talking to my classmates but not to people who i don't know.I do not like to get into action quickly as i like to think about what i want to do.

A video clip that caught my attention

The title of the clip is "What could survive an atomic bomb".The clip described that the fungi- could survive the atomic bombs with melanin,the substance to make us get tanned in the sun.-The melanin acts as a shield and also helps the fungi to grow.-Fungi can thrive in highly radioactive area.

Places I like to go in Singapore.

   I like going to downtown east as there is a chalet and wild wild wet there.During most of the holidays,my family would book a room there for a few days to relax cousins' family would come along too.I also enjoy trekking in Bukit Timah Hills too.I usually go there with my father and my brother.